Organization, Part Two: A Study in Pictures

10 Sep
A messy table, covered with boxes, papers, and a Netbook

The table before I started all this. This is the only table we have. An entire meal could fit on it now!

Well, I’ve sort of organized my sewing crap. Doing so was harder than one might think, since we’ve recently downgraded to a much smaller space than we’re used to and have yet to make Goodwill Trip #3. That is to say, the apartment is something of a chaotic mess.  I did my best, though. Here’s the basic run-down of how I’ve organized everything:

A brown notebook made of recycled paper with the phrase "OMFG" on the front in large white letters. The "F" is red.

The notebook in which I attempt to organize my thoughts and plans. Theoretically every costume has its own page.

The plastic craft organizer underneath the notebook is mostly empty until I start a project, at which time I use it to store the particular thread and notions I need for that project. It travels pretty well, and is super for carrying thread and bobbins. It holds my crappy tiny pins all the time, since I lost my pincushion. Stupid tiny pins.

A set of small white plastic drawers full of thread

Thread box! Top shelf: black and white, ivory, and beige. Middle: red and gold. Bottom: everything else (mostly purple)

Brief Glimpse Into My Life: I use an identical one of these in the bathroom for makeup brushes.

A purple paperboard box labelled "trim and ribbons"

Trim and ribbon.

I have a serious lady boner for ribbon; if I didn’t keep it all in that box, there would be ribbon everywhere! Actually, there is ribbon everywhere. Either that box has failed, or I have failed. Fucking box.

A large set of purple plastic drawers stacked under a similar set of white drawers, next to an old, faded stuffed Snuggle Bear

The purple drawers at the bottom there hold about 2/3 of my fabric, plus all my notions, supplies, patterns, and tools.

Snuggle Bear there is almost as old as me. I think I’m aging better than he is.

Six assorted commercial patterns in gallon-sized Ziploc baggies

Patterns. I know some of them are terrible. Don't judge me. The rolled-up paper is the trapezoid sleeve pattern mr. biscuit drafted for me, which I haven't had a chance to use...yet (dun-dun-DUUUN!).

Not pictured are several (probably half a dozen) ziploc bags of varying size that hold my notions (safety pins, hooks and eyes, that sort of thing), all carefully and very specifically organized, because there is nothing I hate more than needing a safety pin and not being able to find one.  Well, I mean, other than genocide and racism and rape and the like, which are all worse than not having a safety pin. Obviously.

Several trunks and plastic tupperware containers in a stack, with a large pile of fabric and hats on top

This is where the other 1/3 of my fabric lives (in the blue bag, as well as sort of piled on top), along with finished costume pieces and props.

Fun Fact: Esperanza, my ren fest character, for whom I get paid, has two–TWO–entire tupperware containers full of fabric and costume pieces (the purple and blue in the middle), plus that brown treasure chest, plus a giant basket full of props that lives in the kitchen, PLUS her hats and shoes, which live in the closet.

As you can see from the pictures, I am nowhere near done organizing. My sewing machine is still out, because I can’t figure out where to put it, and I haven’t unpacked from Dragon*Con yet. Still, it’s a start. At the very least the straight pins are safely put away, and will no longer fall all over the floor and get lost in the rug so that mr. biscuit can find them with his feet in the middle of the night and wake us all up with his swearing.

Now that I’ve shown you a little bit of how I organize, I’m curious to know how you do it–unless that is “I am a lucky bitch with a dedicated sewing room with an enormous work table, a hot tub, and several beautiful young boys to tidy it for me.” If that’s the case, please tell me how you managed this. I need to know. For science.

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