The Elizabethan Lady’s Wardrobe!

26 Oct

Mah patterns are heeeeereeee!

As you may remember, because I posted about it, my aunt bought me this pattern set. After days of checking the mailbox in equal parts excitement and impatience, I was rewarded today:

This is a terrible picture

It includes three pattern sets: underpinings, outerwear, and accessories. I’m so excited I could poo. I won’t, but I could if I wanted. I’m digging through them as I type this. Each of the pattern sets is in its own giant plastic bag, and includes an instruction manual with it. The patterns themselves are folded neat and tight in the impossible-to-replicate manner of patterns, maps, and men’s dress shirts. I’m not touching them yet, save to set them gingerly aside and eye them sidelong. Patterns frighten me, have I ever mentioned that?

She’s not kidding when she says the instruction manuals are big. I’ve worked with Margo’s Gentleman’s ensemble before, and did not care for the instructions there at all. Damn you, pumpkin pants! I had a much easier time with the Lady’s wardrobe instructions. I’m really just over men’s patterns; I’m just not built like a man, and it’s time to accept that. Anyway, moving along. The manuals have information on sewing techniques (I’ll probably stick with Youtube tutorials) and fabric and trim choices (hooray!), as well as instructions for boning, making bias tape and piping, and taking measurements. There are even definitions of grain, bias, and various other sewing terms I was never able to grasp the meaning of. The pages are pre-punched with holes for putting in a three-ring binder. I get to go binder shopping! Exciting!

TBH, Margo’s tone is sort of off-puttingly smug, but I didn’t make a bunch of historical patterns, so I can’t say I wouldn’t also be smug. Hell, I’m proud of myself for putting my pants on most mornings. Anyway, for Esperanza I’m going to do the low-necked smock (two, because you always make two of your body linens), the boned-tab corset (because there is nothing less comfortable than a corset without tabs), the doublet bodice, one or two pairs of sleeves, and a pair of fitted breeches from another pattern altogether (of course, that’s assuming I can get my hands on the necessary fabric, which is anyone’s guess at this point).

Oh, and I’m making mockups first. For real this time.

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