Droolworthy Costuming: The Bristol Fantastikals!

30 Oct

So that was depressing. Let’s look at something beautiful; to wit, the Fantastikals of the Bristol Renaissance Faire!

I’ve never been to Bristol, but I hear the most wonderful things about it. I was hoping to visit this year, but life got in the way, as it often does. The pictures coming out of that faire show a cast of spectacularly dressed actors and participants, but right now I want to draw attention to the Fantastikals.

Photo courtesy of http://renfair.com/bristol/

This troupe portrays fairies and various other fae creatures (I think there’s a faun, as well). I love the heavy use of makeup (apparently it’s airbrush) to create these fabulous otherworldly creatures. I’ve been told the actors are awesome, and I would love to see them some day. For now, I’ll content myself with Google Image Searching them. I suggest you do too!

Photo courtesy of http://renfair.com/bristol/

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