Dressing the Character Profile: Queen Elizabeth I!

12 Dec
And now, for something completely different but still royal! I’m super excited about this profile, and I think once you look at a couple of pictures you will be too. I’ve never seen actor Kimberly D. Stockton portraying Queen Elizabeth I, but boy have I seen pictures, and doesn’t she just look spectacular? She was nice enough to fill out this profile and then wait around for weeks and weeks and weeks while I had crises and went on vacation and, I don’t know, stared at the walls and neglected to post it, so kindly turn your full attention to her answers (provided you can stop looking at pictures, which I’m having trouble with myself).

Bow before your Queen, peasants! And everyone else!

Kimberly D. Stockon [Blogger’s Note: she says to tell you her website is in the process of being rebuilt] portrays the legendary Queen Elizabeth I through various years of her life, 1550s-1570s, at the Tennessee, Louisiana, and Santa Fe Renaissance Festivals.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I is Queen of England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and France (at certain times). Kimberly describes her as a warm, outgoing, and loving female, but aware of the image that people expect to see.  Can be harsh one moment and soft and tender the next.

  • Description of Costume:

Look upon our awesomeness, ye mighty, and despair

The queen’s gowns vary by the years of being worn.  However, the layers are basically the same.  Starting with knee/thigh stocks and garters, shoes, bloomers, long chemise, fully boned corset.  Next comes stiffened or corded petticoats, boned hoop skirt.  Depending on the weather more petticoats maybe worn.  Add a underskirt, overskirt, or a kirtle, bodice, one or two sleeves.  Cape, Ruffs, Wisk, Crown, hair jewels, caul.  Very light makeup: blush, lip stain.  Earrings, necklace, pearls, broach, rings, bracelets.

  • What are some of the resources you used for research/inspiration?

Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Unlock’d, Janet Arnold’s research, paintings from the period, many other books.

  • What were you trying to convey with this costume?

Elegance, Power, Riches, Inspiration

  • What props/accessories do you have and why do you have them?

I really don’t have any personal props.  The court around is the Queen’s prop.  They are what give me the power and show the public who is the Queen.

Do not make us come over there

  • Special considerations – do you need special shoes, are you required to have specific items, were you not allowed to use specific fabrics, etc.:

I need more, bigger, and sparkly-er items.  :D  I do require more room than most people and help to get dressed.

  • What is your single favorite piece of this costume?

My favorite piece of costume is a necklace that was given to me by a child many years ago.  I no longer wear it, but it is with me everywhere I go.

  • What is your LEAST favorite piece of this costume? and/or What would you change if you could?

My shoes are my least favorite item. I have to sacrifice beauty over comfort.  I would love to have a pair made!

  • Did you make this costume or have it made?

I made and make all of my costumes. [Blogger’s Note: aaaand….envy! I’ve got Seven Deadly Sins Bingo!]

  • What were some of the challenges you faced?

The time to create a new gown, and repair worn ones is a few months. The costume can be very limiting in movement, very warm to wear, and sometimes just uncomfortable.

For more information, you can check out Featured Attyre, which has a profile. Of course it’s not as good as mine. Er. Kidding! Geez, I am SO RUDE.

5 Responses to “Dressing the Character Profile: Queen Elizabeth I!”

  1. Ann Coston Neff December 12, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    Good lord, that is stunning. She walks around in all that in the SOUTH?? I’d love to see al that up close. Thank you!

    • stonebiscuit December 12, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

      Isn’t it just amazing? I can’t understand how she does it either!

  2. Kimberly April 10, 2012 at 2:32 am #

    I never did get to thank you for all of you work, and very kind and flattering words! Big Thanks


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    […] So I was just checking out your blog (specifically, the Elizabeth I profile). I so need a year’s worth of sewing lessons…and more patience. I swear, half of the […]

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