Do ALL the steps?

21 Dec

My sewing problems have been identified via that great communications method of the Internet Generation, the IM.

J: So I was just checking out your blog (specifically, the Elizabeth I profile). I so need a year’s worth of sewing lessons…and more patience. I swear, half of the things I get wrong on a costume are functions of the “I don’t need all of those steps, right?” theory of sewing.

Me: it’s like baking. I have to remind myself that EVERY little step is 100% necessary.
J: Yeah, I always think that maybe I don’t really need this part, right? I mean it’s not like I’m following a pattern anyway, 90% of the time.
Me: truth.
Me: P.S. I am blogging this conversation
J: lol
What about you? What’s YOUR biggest sewing problem?

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