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28 Feb

I finished the corset last night!

I am super psyched at how it turned out. I mean, it’s not going to win any beauty contests, but it’s sturdy, it fits like a dream, and it’s not hideously ugly.


Below the fold, boring talk of construction and materials, with reviews/etc. This is not a particularly amusing post, but at the end I do brag a little about how my husband thinks I’m sexy. If that’s your thing.

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Droolworthy Costuming: A corset. With a motherfucking pocketwatch

24 Feb

For many reasons, I don’t usually go in for a Steampunk aesthetic. But I cannot get over how adorable this is:

It’s all poly, which, yuck, but. It’s just so cute. SO FUCKING CUTE. So if you don’t mind polyester hugged against your body, check it out here, at Corset-Story.

I need a montage.

23 Feb

After a long, terrible week (last week) and a desperately needed vacation, I finally got back around to sewing. As of yesterday. What have I accomplished? Well, I made some lacing strips, and I cut out the pieces of my corset. Then I realized I would have to get boning from the hardware store before I could go any further (…farther?) in the corset-making process, and I have to have the corset done before I work on the bodice or the pants so I can make sure they fit, and rather than whipping up a second shirt, like I should be doing, I decided to order trim and blog while I watch Willow, which is one of my favorite movies and if you say anything negative about it I will eat your heart in the marketplace. Despite the lingering sense of looming deadlines, I’m having a pretty good time procrastinating.

But all this procrastination is making me think. I really am getting close to the wire. Opening weekend is less than six weeks away, and I’d rather not be sewing at two in the morning the night before, ya know? I mean, not again; that gets really old. But I really, really hate sewing, and I have so much to do. If only my life had a montage option, I would get so much more accomplished.

So in lieu of being able to speed up the unpleasant parts of my life, and in the spirit of being on a deadline, let’s stop sewing and watch some montages, bitches!

And naturally, a sewing montage:

Writing poetry is more fun than making corsets

12 Feb

Staring at pattern/for STUPID  FUCKING corset/Shit guys, my head hurts.

Someone tell me, please/because I don’t fucking know/how do I do this?

Help me help me help/I am going to fuck this up/again. Like last time.

There once was a lady from Spain*
Who found corset-making a pain.
Of it she soon tired,
so she set it a-fire,
and never tried sewing again.

*I am not really from Spain, but it’s easier to rhyme than “Georgia”

The smock is done! And I hate making corsets.

10 Feb

The smock is done! And it was ridiculously easy! As in, it took about two 1/2 hours of actual sewing time (as opposed to tweeting time, or nail-picking time, or laughing at American Dreamz time). It fits really well, it’s super comfy, and I kind of want to wear it to bed. And since I have the pattern drawn up on newspaper (which the cats LOVE to sleep on), I suspect the next one will take even less time to make.

I cannot recommend the Elizabethan Smock Pattern Generator enough. It’s super easy (I had a teensy bit of confusion doing the neckline, but nothing I couldn’t puzzle out after a minute or two), and significantly more fabric-efficient than many other shirt patterns I’ve used.

I’m looking to put a little bit of decoration at the neckline of the next one–maybe some lace or trim? Embroidery is the period thing to do, but I have absolutely zero interest in embroidery, which perfectly matches my knowledge, talent, and supplies for embroidery. I do have some white trim hanging around, but it’s a shade darker than the birdseye cotton, so it looks dirty. No good. I think my last email from Hancock fabrics may have had something half-decent, so we’ll see what they have. They very rarely have any interesting trim, but you never know. Miracles happen all the time.

Now…the corset. I’m not going to lie; this terrifies me. Remember how I was talking about curved seams and how much I hate them? Well I do hate them. And I hate corsetry. I HATE IT. Because it’s hard. A good corset has to fit very, very well, or it just doesn’t look good under the bodice. An ill-fitting corset/bodice combination makes you look super bulky. Plus, they are super uncomfortable. And you also have to do a lot of looooong stitches for the boning, and a lot of loooong curvy seams around the binding, and have you seen the directions for this thing? Y’all. I am freaking out.

help meeeee

The cape is done. Long live the shirt!

9 Feb

I finished the cape. Last week. Two weeks behind schedule. BUT! It’s finished. The red linen-look and the yellow backing look a little like ketchup and mustard together. I’m not entirely sure why, but I like it. It’s vivid, and if there’s one thing I like, it’s vividness. And Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale making love on a rooftop covered in glitter. But that’s not particularly relevant to the discussion, is it? I should post a picture of the cape, I suppose. I’ll do that later.

So now I’m working on the shirts (because I always have two sets of body linens). I’m using the Elizabethan Smock Pattern Generator*, which I have not used before. I loved it before I cut a single piece of fabric, though, because it has no curved seams.

No curved seams!

I am terrible at and hate cutting and sewing curves, so this is pretty much awesome. So far it’s been pretty easy, and had I not been busy live-tweeting my rewatch of Battlestar Galactica, I suspect I would have finished in a few hours, rather than the several days it has taken me. But I’m busy live-tweeting my rewatch of Battlestar Galactica, which is clearly important, so I’m not sorry. I will be in a few weeks when I’m a month behind schedule, but I’m not known for my foresight.

For the shirts, I got a bunch of birdseye cotton. I was on a sample-ordering-binge a couple of months ago, and of all the cottons I got, I liked the birdseye the best. It’s sort and absorbent, it dries quickly, and it looks and feels nicer than the printed cotton I usually get. It was also super cheap! Come to find out, it’s diaper cloth. For cloth diapers. And it only comes in 27″ width. Well…ok! I ordered seven times** the fabric I normally would*** and went to town. So far it’s a little hard to cut, though I may have confused the paper scissors for the fabric scissors again, and a little fray…y, but it feels really nice, it has good body to it, and I like it. If the pattern works out (it seems to be good so far–I’m nearly done), I’m going to be super, super happy. But then I’ll no longer have any reason to put off the corsetry. So.

*It’s by the same people who brought us the Custom Corset Pattern Generator, which I’ve used multiple times to good effect
***which means seventy times the amount normal people would order, since I always panic and over-buy

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