The smock is done! And I hate making corsets.

10 Feb

The smock is done! And it was ridiculously easy! As in, it took about two 1/2 hours of actual sewing time (as opposed to tweeting time, or nail-picking time, or laughing at American Dreamz time). It fits really well, it’s super comfy, and I kind of want to wear it to bed. And since I have the pattern drawn up on newspaper (which the cats LOVE to sleep on), I suspect the next one will take even less time to make.

I cannot recommend the Elizabethan Smock Pattern Generator enough. It’s super easy (I had a teensy bit of confusion doing the neckline, but nothing I couldn’t puzzle out after a minute or two), and significantly more fabric-efficient than many other shirt patterns I’ve used.

I’m looking to put a little bit of decoration at the neckline of the next one–maybe some lace or trim? Embroidery is the period thing to do, but I have absolutely zero interest in embroidery, which perfectly matches my knowledge, talent, and supplies for embroidery. I do have some white trim hanging around, but it’s a shade darker than the birdseye cotton, so it looks dirty. No good. I think my last email from Hancock fabrics may have had something half-decent, so we’ll see what they have. They very rarely have any interesting trim, but you never know. Miracles happen all the time.

Now…the corset. I’m not going to lie; this terrifies me. Remember how I was talking about curved seams and how much I hate them? Well I do hate them. And I hate corsetry. I HATE IT. Because it’s hard. A good corset has to fit very, very well, or it just doesn’t look good under the bodice. An ill-fitting corset/bodice combination makes you look super bulky. Plus, they are super uncomfortable. And you also have to do a lot of looooong stitches for the boning, and a lot of loooong curvy seams around the binding, and have you seen the directions for this thing? Y’all. I am freaking out.

help meeeee

5 Responses to “The smock is done! And I hate making corsets.”

  1. Jenn Steele February 23, 2012 at 4:27 pm #

    I made the same smock. I now love this pattern lots :)

    • stonebiscuit February 28, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

      It is a delicious pattern. I’m actually considering making a dress out of it.


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