The Hunger Games – mah Capitol Citizen costume!

25 Mar

So, as you may recall, I did a costume for the Hunger Games premiere. Given that I’m elbows deep in the Renaissance Festival Sewing Project From Hell (not to be confused with any previous Renaissance Festival Sewing Projects From Hell), the short break from somewhere in the 1500s was delightful. Oh, and I only sewed one thing (the hat, of which I am so proud. I’ve been carrying it around in my purse and showing it to people. Just off-the-cuff. “I’ll have a large sweet tea. Here, let me show you the hat I made and tell you all about its construction.”)



Group shot! This isn't all of us, but it's all the costumed ladies. Fun fact: I have just now noticed the peacock feathers on the blue tights.

That’s me on the far left of the photo. As you can see, we all went with a different visual theme for our costumes. Mine revolved around my faux fur coat, which I got three years ago and just adore, and really, really wanted to use. After much soul-searching, “sketching,”* and reflecting on the most privileged, brainless, horrible rich people I’ve ever met, I settled on the concept of a Capitol Citizen Who Is Also A Major Donor To An Opera Company**.

Popcorn: the accessory of the discerning Hunger Games patron

From bottom to top, my costume consisted of:

  • shoesblack Oxford heels purchased for and worn at a friend‘s wedding last year.
  • tights: from Forever 21, purchased at the last minute out of desperation, as I have failed to shave my legs since sometime in the Third Age. They were far too small (protip: when something at Forever 21 says Med/Large, it isn’t), so I cut them open just above the toe seams and wore them as leggings
  • one of the dresses my mom bought me to wear at my college graduation in 2007. She bought two and sent both to me so I could pick; I wore the other one, and meant to return this, but never got around to it. I believe it’s from Newport News? It’s sort of off-cream (is that a color?) with brownish black spots, and has wide straps and is shaped in such a way that makes me think it is an ancestor to the ungodly trend that is bubble hems
  • previously mentioned faux fur coat, which I bought on a sketch website which had mysteriously vanished. It smells a little musty and it lined in some godawful synthetic shit, but it was very warm in the cold, cold theatre
  • jewelry, consisting of whatever rings I had laying around (including one, the hugely tacky orange and silver, which was found in a parking lot by a friend’s husband some years ago and presumed to be mine), a bracelet my grandmother gave me, and ALL THE PEARLS! At least all of the faux pearls, as the genuine strands are too understated for the purposes of this event. Also, I think one of them is being fixed
  • makeupBare Escentuals Matte in Fairly Light, and Bisque; ELF Liquid Eyeliner in a dark brown they apparently no longer sell; Bare Escentuals eyeshadow in Garland, which came in a holiday-themed collection and is apparently no longer available, which fucking figures since I was given it to replace White Gold, which ALSO came in a collection and is ALSO no longer available; and stick-on pearls I got in the scrapbooking section of Michael’s. I have several packages of stick-on pearls and gems (mostly purple, but some silver and pink), and I really like to wear them for special occasions. Like movie premiers. Also, fake eyelashes, also from Forever 21. They were far, far too narrow for my eyelids; I finagled the pearls to disguise that. They are hellishly uncomfortable, but they were also $1.00 a pair, including glue, so I’m not crying. Though they did stay on when I cried! So that’s a point in their favor. Lipstick is Cat’s Meow, also from Bare Escentuals, which they discontinued some years ago, because they discontinue everything I love.
And then, of course, MAH HAT.


I am so fucking proud of this hat. Here, let me tell you all about its construction!

Fun fact: I am sitting at the doctor's office in this picture

I started with a small teardrop hat blank, given to me by a seamstress friend last year. I covered it with some of the maroon crushed velvet I picked out from my mother-in-law’s fabric room. It had a little stretch to it, which made the process easier. I covered the stitches with more stick-on faux pearls from Michael’s, and added the clip-on bird (also from Michael’s, where they sell a dozen different kinds of fake birds for reasons unknown to me). It was disgustingly easy, and it turned out, if I may say so myself, FUCKING AWESOME. 



This hat is so amazing I can hardly stand it. Fetch my smelling salts!

I had a small problem, in that I forgot to get a comb. I solved it by clipping the bird to the braided headband I was pretending matched my hair (Sephora). Speaking of which, I love that thing. It made me feel super glam. I am going to get three or four more and wear them all the damned time.

Behold: the best-dressed bitches at the premiere.

So there’s my pictures; now show me yours!
*I use this term very loosely, with no disrespect meant to people who can actually draw
**this is in no way related to my employment history***
***yes it is

8 Responses to “The Hunger Games – mah Capitol Citizen costume!”

  1. Sunshine March 25, 2012 at 11:16 pm #

    I love this post!! I love your blog! Why have I not come cross it before? Well, I’ve added it to my feed now. :)

    • stonebiscuit March 25, 2012 at 11:26 pm #

      In order: Good! Thank you! That’s a good question! HOORAY! :D

    • stonebiscuit March 25, 2012 at 11:27 pm #

      PS Thank you for the pictures. I <3 them.

  2. Lucy R. March 25, 2012 at 11:19 pm #

    I dressed up for the LARP at the library and for the premier! I did better makeup for the movie, but a better costume for the LARP, I think… I can’t post pictures here for some reason, but I’ll link you on facebook if you’d like! <3

    • stonebiscuit March 25, 2012 at 11:26 pm #

      Please do! I don’t know why WP doesn’t let you post pictures in comments. I’ll investigate to see if I can change that in my settings…

  3. justsmooty March 28, 2012 at 1:08 pm #

    I LOVE that hat. I would seriously wear it all the time. ALL OF THE TIMES. ALL OF THEM.


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