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Memo to self

14 Apr

I will need to seriously prewash the rest of this birsdeye cotton like six times, because it is shrinking like a motherfucker and all the seams are pulling out WTFWTFWTF.


Poll Time: A Followup

10 Apr

This is me, following up on this post.

A little background: mr. biscuit went back to college in the fall, and is graduating in May. For some reason my grandma decided that when she gets him a present (a couple of nice new suits, woo!), she’s also going to get me a present. My family is big on giving everybody presents. She asked me if I could use a serger, or if I would prefer something else? I thought of a dress-maker’s dummy, but I couldn’t decide which to get. So I waffle, and I thought, and I posed the question to my readers.

You all had some excellent advice and suggestions (particular the Uniquely You dress forms, which I am GOING to get my hands on one of these days), and I thank you.

In my wisdom I have decided to ignore all of it, though, because what I really need are boots. Really good boots that will keep my feet dry, look sassy, and last a good portion of the rest of my life. Boots like that run about what sergers cost. So I’m going to ask my grandma for boots.

Unrelated to this post, but sometimes I just feel like celebrating.


EDIT: I’m looking at getting me a pair of Son of Sandlar, the four-button style. Probably in black, ideally with rose-shaped buttons. But honestly, I’ll just go in their booth at Scarborough, find something that isn’t completely offensive to me, and go with that. That’s usually how I roll. :D

The Renaissance Festival Sewing Project from Hell: 2012 Edition

9 Apr

After several months of sewing, I finished most of Esperanza’s garb on Friday.

All those people have been rendered unconscious by the amazing persistence I have displayed throughout this project. Or perhaps the sight of JGL in a suit and tie. But I prefer to think it's the former.

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Poll time!

3 Apr

I promise some fresh, substantial content is coming, but in the meantime, please tell me: should I get a serger, or an adjustable dressmaker’s dummy?

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