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Tilting at Windmills: Dragon*Con 2012

4 May

Now that I’m over the hump of hellish quasiTudor projects, my mind turns to this year’s Dragon*Con. This is definitely the most ambitious costume plan I’ve ever had. I’m nervous, and super stoked, and also loopy from not sleeping a wink last night, so rather than try to think of further introduction, let’s just look at the list.

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The Ren Fest Sewing Project from Hell, 2012: Pictures

3 May

Sorry for the radio silence. I wish I had a good excuse, like “I was building economically and environmentally sustainable houses for impoverished families,” but in truth, I’ve been spending most of my time scouring all of the TV channels for reruns of 30 Rock, which I recently discovered is pee-causingly hilarious.

Anyway, pictures are rolling in, among them a couple of good shots of the costume I worked on for a jillion years only to eventually tire of and give up on. Allow me to share with you both pictures and technical details!


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