Droolworthy Costuming: Melisandre of Asshai

12 Nov

I’ve seen a lot of Melisandre of Asshai cosplay. Before the show came out, I was toying with a design for my own costume (heavily inspired by Elizabethan styles, because when I read the word “gown,” that’s just what I think of), so I spent a lot of time looking.

For a character with such a fascinating description (she dresses all in red! her hair is red! her eyes are red! Jon Snow describes her as “made of fire”! HER EYES ARE RED), most of the Melisandre cosplay that exists on the interwebs is uninspired, boring crap, shot and posed like the photobooth at the King’s Landing junior prom. I hate being bored almost as much as I hate spiders, so I was so, so glad to find this amazing series of images of my favorite Red Priest.

The night is dark and full of awesome

Dynamically posed, well designed–just gorgeous. She looks like she’s on fire. And I love love love all the fabric! Excessive use of fabric is a bit of a sticking point with me–in a society with no designer labels to denote status and wealth, you’re going to use as much fabric, trim, and jewels as you can afford just so there is no doubt about how Very Important you are. The mystery, ferocity, and intensity of the image Melisandre works so very hard to project are all here in force. I don’t even hate the wig!

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