16 Jan

I went fabric shopping yesterday, and damned if I’m not pretty stoked about my haul.



That being said, for spending many hours and many, many, many dollars at various stores, I didn’t come home with that much that’s particularly interesting. Sure, I have 7 more yards of black cotton velveteen to my name, and you can never have enough black cotton velveteen, but it’s just…you know, black cotton velveteen. Beautiful,  lush, easy to work with, yes; but ultimately, just black and fluffy. It’s not particularly interesting until you’ve got it covered in metallic gold trim. Which I haven’t ordered yet, because did I mention I spent many many dollars yesterday? The trim and notions will have to wait a paycheck or two.

I also got a lot of very basic fabrics–twill, mostly, for bodice-lining purposes, but also some weird white cotton corduroy that I can’t even spell, much less identify. It was on MEGA SALE, though, and I think I’m going to use it for my most recent take on the flag cape, but more on that later.

ANYWAY. I DID get some interesting stuff, and I am going to show it to you now, so pay attention.

See? Three whole interesting fabrics!

See? Three whole interesting fabrics!

On the left, we have the lining for my new Venetians. It’s a cotton print, and it was also on MEGA SALE. Actually, only one of the fabrics I purchased was not on MEGA SALE, and I had a coupon for that. I AM UNSTOPPABLE. Anyway, I suspect those words are the Latin names of various flowers. I’m not sure and neither am I particularly interested in finding out; I picked it up because it was the least hideous of the options on the “hideous cotton prints dirt cheap” table.

On the right, the new contrast fabric. It’s synthetic, which blah, but it’s pretty and shiny and I’ll live. It looks dynamite in the sun, and goes super well with all my trims:


Yeeeeeah, bitches!

And finally, my new shirt fabric!


In closeup!

98% cotton, 2% metallic. True story: I haven’t stopped congratulating myself since I found it. I still love my birdseye cotton, but it’s a little plain and I wanted to jazz it up for those days when it’s just too damn hot to wear sleeves. That meant either tacking on a bunch of lace or braid, or borrowing someone’s embroidery machine. Both options meant extra time and money, neither of which I particularly care to spend, and this stuff neatly solves all the problems. I’m still going to use birdseye for the body of the shirts, and to line the partlet (did I tell you? Apparently I’m making a partlet), but I’ll be using this for the shirt sleeves and maybe the neck edging.

Also, I found this:


Not pictured: my squeals of joy

What is it? It’s a shiny purple plastic snakeskin monstrosity and I am in love with it. It was cheap, but not cheap enough that I could afford more than three yards. What am I going to do with it? Put it in a bin, take it out occasionally to gaze at it. It’s going to be a beast to sew whenever I get around to sewing it, I can tell you that. Totally worth it.

I also picked up more needles, straight pins, bobbins, and interfacing. Riveting stuff. Still to purchase: birdseye cotton, snap tape, seventy thousand yards of trim, potentially another yard of coutil. I’m finally going to experiment with making my own bias tape/piping, so I’ll need supplies for that. I think I’ll also need more grommets. Oh, and beads. I’ve got big beading plans, so I’m haunting ebay looking for auctions of 500+ so-cheap-they-must-be-contraband Swarovskis from Chinese sellers.

I’m pretty pleased with myself; I got many dozen yards of fabric and didn’t break the bank! Partly this is because I actually have money in the bank now, but credit must also go to my mad couponing/comparison shopping/settling for something that wasn’t exactly what I wanted skills.

Pretty much.

Pretty much.

2 Responses to “Fabric!”

  1. cbelles January 16, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

    Nice haul! I keep meaning to mention your step-grandmother Butchie is the absolute genius at sewing on any fabric/material in any pattern – she knows everything there is to know about using difficult fabrics and what to do to your machine to “make it sew” heh. Its a thought – call her or send her a letter and ask her about things – she would adore it.


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    […] hundred days after buying fabric, I’ve finally started sewing for the 2013 faire season. We moved in between those things, […]

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