Fabulous Costume Movie Madness Tournament of Champions: FAQ

5 Mar

What is the goal of the tournament? 
For me to have something to do while mr. biscuit watches March Madness.

What happens to the winning movie/costume? Are you going to create/wear it?
HAH. No. BUT! I will put a gold star on the cover of the DVD, provided mr. biscuit is OK with that since most of the DVDs are technically his.

How did you decide what entries to include?
I sat on my couch, on the comfiest side of it, and looked at the shelf of DVDs in my living room. I also asked for suggestions from my sewing buddy J, who also recaps TV shows I don’t watch for Fanbolt.

There is a small list of requirements:

  • Entries must be live action
  • Entries must be movies/TV shows I have seen
  • Entries must be movies/TV shows I like. Sorry, Ever After

Can we suggest entries?
You absolutely may! Be aware that if a suggestion is really good and messes up the seeding system, I will cut you.

How many entries are there?
36 competitors, divided into eight divisions of four entries each.

How are entries seeded?
mr. biscuit and I came up with a complicated and frankly enormously subjective system for seeding the individual films within their divisions, based on the following components in this order (mostly):

  • Oscar/Emmy awards
  • BAFTA awards
  • CDG awards (these only go back to 1999, so we gave them slightly less weight)
  • Nominations for aforementioned awards
  • IMDB user score
  • any other nominations and awards that caught our eye (er, eyes?)
  • biscuit privilege – which is to say me going “I think this one should be higher than that one because feathers”

Then we seeded the divisions based more or less on the awesomeness of the entries contained therein.

How many award-winning titles are represented?
As the list stands right now, there are three TV series and 33 feature films. Between them, the entries have nine Oscars, seven BAFTA wins, three Emmys, and six CDG wins.

To whom do you wish to offer thanks?
First and foremost, mr. biscuit! who took the list of movies and TV shows I gave him and turned them into an easy-to-read Excel worksheet and bracket, did all the seeding work, researched costume designers, and basically did all the work forever and I love him so much.
J., obviously, for her help with suggestions.
And you, for telling all your friends. You are telling all your friends, right?

Competitors Announced March 10

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