The Liebster Awards! Like a chain letter, but better for my ego

5 Mar

Oh my goodness. I was nominated for the Liebester Award twice in two days. What an awesome thing to wake up to*!


Many humble thanks to tiaras and trianon and Tailorfairy for thinking of me!

The rules:

– Publicly thank the person that nominated you. (Check!)
– Tell 11 things about yourself.
– Answer the 11 questions asked of you, and, in turn, make 11 questions for your own 11 nominees.
– Link to those 11 nominees, and tell them about it at their blogs. (So chainlettery)

11 things about myself:

  1. Between us, mr. biscuit and I own about 602 movies. When he was making the list in Excel, he put a star next to the ones that he doesn’t want to associate himself with–which is to say, my movies. If the Question of Pluto doesn’t end our marriage, this might.
  2. After I shower, I like to sit down on the floor and play Angry Birds until I am dry. Towel-drying is dumb.
  3. One time I swallowed a nickel. It was Daniel’s fault.
  4. I type 80 WPM, which explains why I post so frequently**.
  5. I’m allergic to pine straw, dust, dust mites, ragweed, various molds, and corn, among other things, and I take medicines most people take for a few weeks every spring/fall on a daily basis.
  6. I’m a proud alumna of Gamma Delta Iota (founding member of my campus’ chapter!) and Alpha Psi Omega.
  7. I just started back on the NuvaRing! $0 copay, bitches!
  8. I’m sick and fucking tired of people whining for more seasons of Firefly. It’s been ten years. Move on.
  9. I just started reading superhero comics, inspired by research for the Post-Apocalyptic Avengers. I overwhelmingly prefer Marvel, though I’ve had a special spot in my heart for Batman ever since he became Christian Bale . While we’re on the subject, The Dark Knight Rises was phenomenal.
  10. Some of my goals for this year are to finish the draft of the novel I’ve been working on for a small eternity, run a 10k, pay off the rest of our credit cards, and finish my collection of Chumbawamba albums (I have five of 18, or five of 19 if you count the original release of English Rebel Songs 1381-1984, which I don’t count because I own the re-recording). If all you’ve ever heard by Chumbawamba is Tubthumping, do yourself a favor and check out the rest of their stuff.
  11. My favorite snack food is frozen peas.

Since both nominations came at the same time, I’ll answer both sets of eleven questions at once and hope it’s not cheating.

From Tailorfairy:

  1. If you could do anything, what would be your job?  I would be a full-time professional street performer, either at renaissance festivals or with the Citizens of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Or, since we’re talking pipe dreams here, both. And an author as well.
  2. If you could move anywhere, where would you go? I’m quite fond of where we live, but if I had to move, I would move to the bigass industrial loft we saw for rent on our honeymoon in San Juan, PR. It was right down the hill from El Morro.
  3. favorite food? Cheese. I fucking love cheese.
  4. favorite color? Purple, as if there was any question.
  5. favorite movie? You would ask me this. I can’t pick just one! I have a dozen favorites pulled out on top of the DVD rack so I can avoid this question!
  6. favorite tv-show? Rome
  7. favorite pattern/print on clothes? I like tye-dye or thin stripes, but I don’t wear too much in the way of patterns.
  8. favorite candy? SweetTart Hearts and Spree-flavored Candy Canes.
  9. favorite material to work with? Corset coutil. That shit NEVER frays.
  10. favorite toy as a child? Snuggle Bear. He’s still around, and looking rather the worse for wear, but he’s almost 26 years old.
  11. what did you want to do for a while now, but never dared to do? Um, ask to have my hair pulled? Is that an overshare? I never know. Oh God! Mom, don’t read this post!

From tiaras and trianon:

  1. Why did you start blogging? Well, this blog I started because I was living in the middle of nowhere, and looking at a long tenure separated from my friends while mr. biscuit and I cared for my grandparents. I was bored and restless and lonely and looking for an outlet other than my Livejournal (which, am I the only person still using LJ? Surely not). 
  2. Do you find that you usually prefer the book or movie version? Um, the book, because I am not a lunatic. I can only think of three instances where I liked the movie(s) better than the book(s): Twilight, The Lord of the Rings, and Everything is Illuminated, though there are some movie adaptations that are just as good as the books (A Very Long Engagement comes to mind). 
  3. Are you wearing jewelry right now? Bonus points if it’s a parure. My wedding ring and the ring I wear over it to keep it from falling off. That’s all–I’m actually wearing a bath robe, because I took a shower a little bit ago. Earlier I was wearing a pretty teal and silver chunky bangle that a friend of mine gave me when she moved to California. 
  4. Name 5 places you would never want to visit again. Macon, Georgia and the surrounding area. An oncology center. An emergency room. Actually, any room in a hospital. And any Tuesday Morning store.
  5. Ocean or lake? Lakes are just oceans that didn’t make the cut.
  6. What is the first book you couldn’t live without? It was The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley. I stole it from library of my middle school, and when a teacher took it away from me for reading it in class, I went to the library and stole the other copy.
  7. Are you one of those bloggers that believe that people resemble their icons? Well…I’m not a grey cat, so no.
  8. If you were alive in 1902 would you be tempted to ride in one of those new car-things or would you prefer to continue driving your four-in-hand? I honestly don’t know. Horses are pretty neat…
  9. Which actor has provided you with your favorite rendition of Sherlock Holmes? I’m really not into Holmes at all. I can tell you my favorite Batman (Christian Bale), Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), Javert (Phillip Quast), and Anne Boleyn (Natalie Dormer, never mind the horrible costumes and abuse of history), though!
  10. You’re getting dressed for work. You open your closet and find your clothes are not from this decade. Are you happy about this? What decade do you hope is represented? Most of my clothes aren’t from this decade anyway. I haven’t gone shopping in a looong time. That being said, I’m hoping for something from the early 2000s. That was a good look for me. 
  11. Have you ever mixed a cocktail—for yourself or others? Just yesterday, in fact. I thought I put in just a splash of tequila. I was wrong.

My 11 nominees, all blogs I follow:

  1. Journey into Awesome – A critical look at comics and culture
  2. Carolyn Horne Illustration
  3. The Radclyffe – Costuming Projects by Kat Browne
  4. The 4:00 Dance Break
  5. Ain’t I A Woman – De/Constructing Christian Images
  6. The Dumping Ground
  7. Delilah Des Agnes
  8. Diary of a Wandering Hen
  9. What a Witch
  10. Madame Guillotine
  11. YouAreRaven

11 questions for my nominees:

  1. Name the actor who is your favorite representation of the following: Batman, Catwoman, Inspector Javert, Anne Boleyn.***
  2. Which side of the bed do you prefer to sleep on?
  3. If you were writing your life like a novel, what badass abilities and backstory would you give yourself?
  4. Approximately how many books did you read last month?
  5. What is the strangest organic thing you’ve ever bought?****
  6. Tell me about the most annoying thing your pet(s) does.
  7. Preferred method of keeping track of the tasks you need to complete?
  8. Where did your blog title come from?
  9. How much would I have to pay you to come over and do my chores while I eat nachos and play Fable?
  10. What’s your favorite euphemism for the menstrual cycle?
  11. What natural disaster do you fear the most?

*I did not just wake up, don’t judge me.
**oh wait
***Be aware you will be judged for this answer
****ketchup. It was delicious

5 Responses to “The Liebster Awards! Like a chain letter, but better for my ego”

  1. ♔ la dauphine ♔ March 5, 2013 at 8:43 pm #

    Great answers and I like the questions you wrote. Better than the ones we answered! I am a HUGE cheese fan too.

    • stonebiscuit March 5, 2013 at 10:32 pm #

      Cheese is the BEST FOOD EVER.

      • ♔ la dauphine ♔ March 5, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

        thank you!

      • teamgloria March 6, 2013 at 7:27 pm #

        there’s a goat’s milk brie in the fridge over here that is simply too delicious to leave alone *sighs*

        LOVED your answers (we came because dauphine suggested it on her blog) and you just took us down a rabbit hole with the british punk rebel scene into memories of Brighton, England and seagulls and the Pier and windswept rain-drenched solitary splendo(u)r – several of the band now live there apparently which makes sense.

        anyway. lovely blog, we shall return.


        and now for the brie…..

        • stonebiscuit March 6, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

          I have trouble with brie. On the one hand I want to like it, because I feel like it would make me seem cool and cultured? But. I don’t. And that makes me feel like a failure of a foodie.

          That being said, I hope you enjoy the shit out of that brie, sir/madame!

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