Fabulous Costume Movie Madness Tournament of Champions: Sweet Sixteen Voting

16 Mar


Also known as the Division Finals, this is the last round of intra-division voting. Had I filled out a bracket for betting purposes, I would have lost a jillion dollars by this point, so I’m glad I didn’t. Without further ado, the polls!

Voting will continue through midnight on March 20th.

I. Award-Heavy Tearjerking Historical Drama Division

Two historical disaster movies that play a bit fast and loose with history and look damn good doing it.

II Pirates and Paniers are an Unfair Advantage Division

Same era, same continent, different countries, and very different approaches. Both equally effective from where I’m sitting, but the people will decide their fate, Inspector Javert!

III Fantasy Division

TWO emotional powerhouse films enter. Both are ground-breaking and visually stunning labors of love, both star beautiful men who spend a sizable portion of the run time crying, both make me cry until I can barely see. ONLY ONE WILL LEAVE.

IV Glitter Division! 

Both pop musicals featuring glitter and tight pants. We all win!

V Ye Ren Faire Divisione

Two movies, both alike in corsetry, in fair Ren Faire Div, where we lay our scene, from ancient grudge break forth to new mutiny, where rennie blood makes rennie hands unclean. From forth the costume budgets of these two films, a single hair-pinned movie takes the lead! Whose overruffled, tightlaced tapestry will, with its win, cause the other great strife?

VI She Makes Her Own Clothes Division

On the one hand, a serious and realistic take on the trope; on the other, the ultimate send-up.

VII Jane Austen Division

Hands up if you’re surprised it came down to this matchup.

VIII Dark Horse Division

Subtlety VS Fantasy. Practicality VS Insanity. I could not be happier that this is how this division turned out.

Voting continues through midnight, March 20.

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