Fabulous Costume Movie Madness Tournament of Champions: Results Sweet Sixteen

21 Mar

Announcing your Division Champions! The results are getting tighter as the competition really heats up (with some exceptions. Sorry, Labyrinth) and I admit to being at a total loss as to what movie will come out on top. I’m stoked to find out, though.

A quick word on our tiebreaker: the tie-breaking poll ended in a tie, because you all like to see me twitch. But! I realized I had neglected to close the original poll, wherein Razzle Dazzle had just barely edged out 3:10 to Yuma, and will therefore advance to the next round. Sorry, Christian Bale. You’re still my imaginary boyfriend.

I. Award-Heavy Tearjerking Historical Drama Division

WINNER: Titanic
Costumes by Deborah Lynn Scot
Oscar won, Bafta nom
IMDB user rating: 7.6

II Pirates and Paniers are an Unfair Advantage Division

WINNER: Marie Antoinette
Costumes by  Milena Canonero
CDG nom, Oscar won, Bafta nom
IMDB user rating: 6.3

III Fantasy Division

WINNER: The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Costumes by Ngila Dickson and Richard Taylor
CDG (1 won, 1 nom), Oscar (1 won, 1 nom), Bafta (1 won, 2 nom)
IMDB user rating: 8.8

IV Glitter Division!
WINNER: Moulin Rouge!
Costumes by Catherine Martin, Angus Strathie
Oscar won, Bafta nom
IMDB user rating: 7.6

V Ye Ren Faire Divisione

WINNER: Elizabeth R
Costumes by Elizabeth Waller
Emmy won
IMDB user rating: 8.8

VI She Makes Her Own Clothes Division

WINNER: Bright Star
Costumes by Janet Patterson
Oscar nom, Bafta nom
IMDB user rating: 6.9

VII Jane Austen Division

WINNER: Pride and Prejudice
Costumes by Dinah Collin
Emmy won, Bafta nom
IMDB user rating: 9.1

VIII Dark Horse Division

WINNER: Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance
Costumes by Ariane Weiss
Australian Film Institute nom
IMDB user rating: 6.3

And now, on to the Elite Eight!

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