Fabulous Costume Movie Madness Tournament of Champions: The Elite Eight

21 Mar

This is where the bracket gets tricky, and also more fun–the Division Champions go up against each other in bloody, feathery, well-tailored head-to-head combat! I’m not entirely sure why the top-seeded divisions go up against the lowest seeded divisions first, but mr. biscuit assures me this is how March Madness is done and I have no reason to disbelieve him. Seems a little unfair, but if there’s one thing dance is about, it’s judgement. So we’re going with it.

I’m all tingly with anticipation. Get to voting! You have until midnight on Saturday, 3/23.

(I) Award-Heavy Tearjerking Historical Drama Division VS (VIII) Dark Horse Division

(II) Pirates and Panniers are an Unfair Advantage Division VS (VII) Jane Austen Division

(V) Ye Ren Faire Divisione VS (IV) Glitter Division!

(VI) She Makes Her Own Clothes Division VS (III) Fantasy Division

Polls remain open through midnight on Saturday, March 23.

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