Dragon*Con ’13: There are many copies, and they have a plan

10 Apr

Some time ago I decided I had to sit down and finalize my Dragon*Con plans early this year, and then not add anything. I think I’ve done that, though I reserve the right to attempt a Keymaster/Gatekeeper ensemble.

Anyway, the winning four are:

I’ve been thinking about this shit for months now, and I’m so glad I finally get to start talking about (and let’s be honest shopping for) it. Wall o’text below!

Grape Fairies

Backstory: the Georgia ren faire has a small but powerful fairy court made up of the fairy queen and her noble handmaidens, each of which follows a specific nature theme: earth, water, sky. I think they’re generally considered to be equivalent to duchesses? but I may be making that up. Anyway, while I was still working there, I toyed with the idea of a fairy character, because glitter is the best and I like entertaining kids. I never did it, but I think I’ll be doing a guest weekend at GARF this year, and if not, I’ve got an opening in my Dragon*Con costume schedule!

The Greek god of the grape harvest and wine is Dionysus, also the god of religious ecstasy/ritual madness and the patron of theatre. I started from that idea and the terribly specific color scheme of “wine,” and came up with the notion of Dionysa Merlot, aspiring actress on the great stages of the fae world who is also a drunk, because alcoholism is funny, I guess? I don’t know. That’s been percolating in my brain for yeas now. A month or two ago I thought, hey, there are two theatre masks and two types of wine, so I pitched the idea to a blonde friend of near-identical height and build, and lo, we had a plan!

That plan is to create two identical costumes. I’ll be dressed in red wine colors (rich burgundy with plummy accents) and she’ll be in white/blush (pale gold/yellow with soft pink). Right now I’m looking at a mashup of vaguely Greeco-Roman style with a Tudor shape to it, so basically togalike drapery over an Elizabethan corset, with wings, a headdress of grapes and vines and corks, a wine bottle or three, and, if I’m feeling ambitious, an approximation of a thyrsus. And, of course, a whole shitload of glitter. At this very second, I’m thinking the drapey bits will be a cotton sateen (or something else opaque with a bit of sheen) to about knee-length, under a floor-length sheer overlay, and unless I am feeling SUPER ambitious, the corsets will be whatever we can come up with. I’m toying with the idea of doing tiger stripe makeup. This may or may not be crazy.

If these turn out well, and I don’t wind up recycling existing corsetry (unlikely), I may enter these in the Friday Night Costuming Contest. It’s by far my favorite of all the many costume contests, I’ve secretly wanted to enter it for a while now, and I think this concept is good enough, if I can just pull off the execution. We’ll see.

Carmen Sandiego and Dick Tracy improvements

mr. biscuit and I have been doing this couple’s costume for a couple of years. It’s comfortable and gets a good audience reaction, especially from police officers when they spot the famous detective. I’ve only ever seen one other Dick Tracy, and though there are a dozen+ Carmens running around, I’ve yet to see them paired up anywhere else.

There are two major things I need to fix:  my coat and my hat. My coat is my actual winter coat, and I love it, but Dragon*Con is over Labor Day weekend and I always wind up a hot, sweaty mess. Plus, I want something with a little more…flair. Swish, to use the technical term. So I’m making a trenchcoat–turns out, they’re easy!–probably out of this pattern if I can find it, or something similar if not. While I’m in Texas I’ll be hitting up the enormous fabric warehouses to look for a good fabric, but first I’m getting a hat so I can match color. Dick Tracy is all set, though we’ll be getting him a dedicated watch. I think we’re going to pose for pictures while handcuffed together, with him talking into his watch while I’m picking the lock, but I’ve yet to convince mr. biscuit that this is as adorable as I think it is.

Post-Apocalyptic Avengers improvements

I’m getting a new headpiece for Scarlet Witch. Ideally our Hawkeye, who made Iron Man and will be wearing it now, is gonna make me one out of a street sign, and then I’ll wrap it in duct tape and barbed wire and try no to give myself tetanus. We talked about it briefly; more on this when I know more. The other option is to create the shape with my hair and red strips of leather/canvas. I’m adjusting my necklaces/charms, adding some new weapons (thinking either a machete or a makeshift flail), and doing new makeup. I’m throwing around some ideas involving “tribal”/ritualistic-looking tattoos and the Eye of Horus.

mr. biscuit’s Spider-Man is getting a new mask/headwrap, and a big chunky red  belt to fill with spray paint cans, rope, and eight-pointed throwing stars (assuming we can find a good belt). I’m trying to figure out how to make him some wrist-mounted crossbow/grappling hooks attached to silver rope; failing that, he’ll just be carrying them. He’s also getting new, mirrored sunglasses, and I think we’re going to paint a spider design on them.

Iron (Wo)Man is switching to Dr. Banner (the idea is for her to carry around a giant bomb painted in Hulk colors), Hawkeye is reworking Iron Man to fit himself, Echo is switching to Daredevil, and there’s talk of Moon Knight switching to Ant Man. There are plans to add a Wasp, Quicksilver, and Mockingbird, with potential for Beast, Sersi, and Sif. And, naturally, the whole group is getting dirtier and bloodier. I’ll be researching and practicing for that.


This is where we got the idea. A friend found it and posted it to another friend’s Facebook wall, and we all went APESHIT BANANAS.

But what is RococoPunk? Is it like Steampunk? Kind of, except with actual punk and also knowledge of historical costuming. It’s as if the Rococo period never ended and collided headlong with the punk movement of the 70s/80s. From the description on their Facebook page:

“All dressed up with literally nowhere to go, RococoPunk is about being an overdressed, belligerent classhole. RococoPunks like fancy shit and alcohol, and crash orgies for the food. It’s like the kids with royal parents pretending to be punk as an excuse to drink and fuck up the peasants.”

The last bit is what really excites me.

My personal color scheme is teal, gold, and rosey pink with lavender/purple accents. I’ll be making a pink bodice from the Reconstructing History stays pattern (which I bought for the Gryffindor Pirate but never used), with a stomacher made of some band t-shirt or other. That’s going over a couple layers of  fishnet and lace and under an old leather jacket sans sleeves (courtesy of a friend), with skirts open over either a pair of ruffly briefs, ratty cutoff jeans, or plaid pants if I can find plaid in the right colors, plus tights, and my exisiting Chucks, which are so old I’m frankly doubtful they’ll last that long. I’m planning to do exaggerated whiteface with an Anarchy beauty mark. I’ll also be carrying a tray of petit fours and a bottle of Champagne.

There are five of us involved so far, and since most of us come from ren faire, we’ve got character concepts: the Queen, the Fop, the Admiral, the Servant with a Shitty Attitude (me), and punky Napoleon. Among our projects: a giant fuckoff set of panniers worn under a skirt made of Union Jacks, a bunch of foppish accessories (mirrors, powder puffs, lacy fans, etc) on wallet chains, fantastic wigs (mostly white, with bright color accents, and set with Chucks, ships, studs, gems, cigarettes, broken vinyls, flasks, and whatever else we can think of), studded suspenders and bedazzled brass knuckles. Our plans are to crash a Steampunk party and show them how it’s done. This is also one we’re also considering for the Friday Night Costume Contest.

Dragon*Con 2013: Vital Statistics

  • Total concepts: 4
  • New concepts: 2
  • Glittery concepts: 2
  • Total pieces to make: 10-15
  • Estimated time required: until the stars go out
  • Estimated cost for fabrics, notions, props: all the riches of the world

6 Responses to “Dragon*Con ’13: There are many copies, and they have a plan”

  1. Ann Coston Neff April 10, 2013 at 6:15 pm #

    Puh-leeze, puh-leeze, bring the Wine Fairies up to Raven’s Nest! I would so adore seeing them.

  2. Sharon Sullivan April 11, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    OMG RococoPunk! Pleeeeeez do this!

    • stonebiscuit April 12, 2013 at 12:53 am #

      No lie, I am SO excited about this concept!


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