I made a thing, and it turned out really well

10 Apr

I’ve wanted a collared bodice for a long time. I like the way collars frame my face, and the back of the neck is an enormously awkward place to put sunscreen.

I finally got around to making one.

I’m so proud of it I could poo.

esp 2013

I made it with the Margo Anderson Elizabethan Lady’s doublet bodice pattern, which, while significantly easier to follow than some of her other patterns, left much to be desired. It never indicated when to add trim (not a big deal if you’ve made it before, but I hadn‘t), and unless I missed something in the directions, it left the entire bottom edge raw, including the bottom edge of the opening, which is not typically covered by the skirting. I had to really fiddle with it, and it’s still going to require some work.

That being said, I love how it turned out! It’s comfy, if a little tricky to put on, and if it doesn’t show off much cleavage, it negates the need for much sunscreen and makes my waist look delightfully small. I purposefully made the shoulder wings big, cutting them in a size 30 (the largest size the pattern comes in) for exaggerated effect. It’s snap-taped shut to about mid-torso; I plan to experiment with wearing it open all the way down and making a decorative front for the new corset I’m going to need before CRF, in a Venetian-inspired look I’m hoping will also allow a touch more airflow. The collar is a bit high, but I can fold it down and not suffer.

esp 13 closeup 13 front

I also made a pair of paned sleeves from the same package. I can’t decide if they’re a little long or a little short. The partlet is from the Elizabethan Underpinnings pattern, made from scrap fabric, and though I had a seriously difficult time deciphering the (unlabelled!) My new shirt came out pretty well, though the way I adjusted the pattern makes the body much more prone to bunching under my corset. I hope taking in the sides will fix this, or at least ease the bruising under my arms.

Add all this to the new caul I made in the fall (not pictured because I never did get around to taking any) and the new plumage in my hat, and I’m enormously happy with this look. I’ve had a hard time not staring at myself in various reflective surfaces. Mirrors. Windows. Puddles. Doing away with the flag cape was a hard decision, but ultimately I think it was the right one. It was hot and cumbersome, and I had to take it off every time I had to pee. I may revisit the idea later in a smaller, easier to handle form.

Next on the agenda: minor repairs (mostly hand-sewing), a second shirt and partlet (I have all the pieces cut, I just need to do the stitching!), and then a short break before we start this year’s Dragon*Con madness. Some very exciting things on the docket for that: wine fairies, a  new Carmen Sandiego coat, Post-Apocalyptic Avengers updates, and a foray into Rococopunk.

4 Responses to “I made a thing, and it turned out really well”

  1. artsygenius April 16, 2013 at 12:31 am #

    That’s lovely. Do you make costumes to sell? Or just for yourself? I can’t sew, but I found some great antique beads and made an Elizabethan-style necklace that would kick butt with your type of costume. Maybe I need to spend more time at Renfaires. They’re so much fun!

    • stonebiscuit April 16, 2013 at 1:22 am #

      Thank you! :D I don’t sell costumes, no; I feel I’m not at the skill level where I’d feel comfortable charging much for what I make, and I don’t want to undercut other seamstresses by only charging a little bit. I’m hoping to eventually get to that point (this is a fairly new goal; previously it was the much more attainable “suck less”).

      Jewelry making is awesome! That’s something I’d like to get into eventually.

  2. canbebitter April 25, 2013 at 4:49 am #

    congrats, it looks great!!

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