Grape Fairies: fabric accomplished!

15 Apr

Dallas has a couple of great fabric warehouses, and every year I look forward to blowing huge amounts of money visiting them. Today, on the whimiest of whims, I abandoned my traditional post-faire sleepathon and went a-fabric shopping. I got almost everything I need for the Grape Fairies, with the exception of the fabric for the waist cinchers I’ve only just decided I’m building in place of corsets.



I am shit at taking pictures.

I decided pretty early on that the fabric and trim would need to be identical except for the color. That turned out to be easy for the matte base layer (a very simple cotton, not pictured b/c yawn) and the sheer outer layer (which was unmarked at the store but is definitely poly and might be organza or possibly chiffon, I don’t really know and neither do I care because it was cheap as hell), but not so easy for the trim. After an hour in the trim room, I came away with 3/4″ grossgrain ribbon and simple braided trim to go with/over it, both in pale pink and hunter green. Not really what I wanted, but once I get over my disappointment I will be happy with it. I wanted a really rich reddish purple, but all they had was basically neon, so I swallowed my tears and went with green for the red wine, reasoning that grapes have green leaves. Totally makes sense. I’m planning to use the ribbon for most of the trim, as it was thirty cents a yard and I bought a thousand billion yards of it. Some decorative stitching in contrasting colors will do a lot to liven it up. Also, pearls. Because handsewing can be done on the couch and is therefore The Best.

I left the pattern I’m planning to use at home, so now I have to figure out whether it’s cheaper to have it mailed to me or just get a new one. Waiting until I visit home in two weeks isn’t really an option, I don’t think; I need to have these basically done by the time I go home for good (about 6 weeks from now). Plus, I need time to stitch on those pearls, and make the headdresses, and paint the wings. So. To the postoffice, mr. biscuit!

5 Responses to “Grape Fairies: fabric accomplished!”

  1. skitter April 17, 2013 at 3:51 pm #

    Let me guess: Golden D’Or Fabrics? (I also have heard that the others down the side-street from there are good).

    • stonebiscuit April 17, 2013 at 7:27 pm #

      Yes! I got everything but the sheer there. The sheer layers came from Best Fabric, down Harry Hines from there just a bit.

      • skitter April 18, 2013 at 7:46 am #

        Golden D’Or is my favorite . . . it’s so overwhelming! Also, the machine repair place that is in the front is really good — my serger is there now getting fixed. :)

        • stonebiscuit April 19, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

          I’ve never had to use it, thankfully. But what a great store! I love their trim room.


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