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Fairy Update

20 May

Please note the lack of fail in this update! That’s because the fairies are going well!

To be quite specific, the Red Grape Fairy is going well. I’m using it as the experimental costume and taking copious notes on what works, so that when I’m finished I can bang out the White Grape Fairy in the day or two left to me at that point. For those keeping track at home, there are 13 days before these costumes need to be finished. Three of those are performance days, at least one day must be packing and cleaning day, one day is Driving Home All Day day, one day is set aside for the Wing Making Party, and one day I’m going to the GA faire in civvies. I also lost a great deal of today to being miserable in a distinctly feminine way, and before I leave Texas I have a lot of friends I’d like to spend at least a little time with. SO THAT BEING SAID, I should stop thinking up flimsy excuses to watch 30 Rock and really buckle down, right? Right.

So let’s talk about the work I’ve been doing.

The only thing I’ve finished is the undertunic:

Much better

Much better

I use the word “finished” loosely, in that it still needs trim (to line the neckline), but that is waiting ’till I get home. Of my two sewing machines, I only brought the Battlestar Galactica (the workhorse) to Texas, and I want to use decorative stitches, which I only have on the other machine, which I’ve tentatively christened the Delicate Fucking Flower.

Since this picture, taken on Thursday, I’ve dropped the neckline about an inch, and removed the measuring tape from around my neck. I have not, however, changed my jeans.

The undertunic is made from the Elizabethan Smock Pattern Generator, slightly modified. To wit, I shortened the sleeves and made the side gores smaller, and  obviously modified the neckline, using a complicated process I liked to call I Drew Some Random Measurements On Tissue Paper And Then Prayed It Would Work When I Cut It Out Of Fabric:

Now I’m working on the sheer overskirt. My first attempt was a four-panel skirt of rectangles, which didn’t have the swoosh and drape I wanted and bunched at the waist, so I tore it apart and am remaking it into a six-panel skirt of trapezoids. I’m going to leave the panels unconnected on the sides and finish the edges with ribbon in the contrast color. It will go under a simple belt/waist cincher of cotton canvas covered in the matte and sheer fabric, with a bit of boning at the sides, front, and back to help it keep its shape, and some grommets at the back once I figure out where I put the Bodice/Corset Supply Box.

I’ve just finished stuffing my face with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and perhaps because of this, I’m feeling pretty optimistic. We shall see.


Fairy Fail Update

15 May

First of all, I love you guys. I woke up this morning to a flood of encouragement and warm fuzzies, here and on my Facebook, that I really needed to be able to get back on the horse. You are all the best.

heart is full of rainbows

Dramatic, but accurate

On the suggestion of many people, I showered, slept, went out for sushi and frozen yogurt, and then tried my hand at belting the faulty gown. You were all right; it looks much better with a belt. I just…still don’t like it. I spent quite a bit of time actively not thinking about it before I came back to try it again, the better to come to it with a clean slate, and I just…I don’t like it. It’s not what I thought it would be, and I don’t like how it fits anywhere, not just at the waist. Specifically I’m unhappy with the arm holes, the way the bodice crosses (badly. It crosses badly), and the just general bulkiness of it. Even with serious belting, the fabric pools and pulls and puffs weirdly and makes me look pregnant. I would have to construct a belt a LOT wider than what I had planned–what basically amounts to an underbust corset–to make it work about half of what I want it to work, and I don’t have the time or energy to make two of those.

Eventually, perhaps this summer, I will take it apart and see if I can figure out what went wrong. I don’t have the time to do that now, though, so I’m starting over, with a pattern I’ve proven I can use and alter accurately and quickly. I’ve got today, part of tomorrow, and part of Friday. I got a little more fabric this morning, and I’m going to make one costume at a time lest I mess up again. I’m starting with mine, the Fairy of Red Grapes. I’ll keep you up to date.

Fairy fail

15 May

I basically just finished the Red Grape Fairy, and it looks terrible.

I think I can say with certainty that the problem is not on my end, except that I bought a shitty pattern. My bad.

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Fan casting Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

9 May

So Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are kindasorta confirmed for The Avengers sequel due out in 2015.

At first I was like:


And then I was like:


And then I was like:

“Wait just a cotton pickin minute here.”  Because I have a lot of question. Like how are you going to introduce a pair of heroes whose powers are the result of mutation into a canon without mutants? How are you going to deal with them being the children of-a-character who doesn’t exist in this canon thing? Will there be incest (please no)? Will Wanda go crazy and fuck shit up? How are you going to fit yet another arrogant son of a bitch and yet another ticking time bomb of barely controlled extraordinary power into the Avengers movie lineup? And most importantly, who are you going to cast and where can I send my resume?

This last bit is what’s really been concerning me. Post-nasal drip has left me too miserable to focus on much anything else, so let’s talk my dreamcast. No, it has nothing to do with costuming, except in the roundabout way that I got  interested in the characters while researching them for costuming purposes. Go with me on this and in a couple of days I’ll be back to tell you more about the grape fairies, which proceed swimmingly despite my misery.

SO. My Super Important Fan Cast!


Full disclosure: I have no idea what’s going on here

As Elrond once told us, you have only one choice. And that choice is Alexander Skarsgard.


Elrond would have picked this man had he the chance.

This guy is the hub around which all my other casting wishes revolve. It negates any chance of the twins being youngsters just discovering their powers, which I feel is a likely and also interesting way to introduce them, but I don’t care.

If the first two seasons of True Blood taught us anything, it’s that Alexander Skarsgard is capable of playing an arrogant, impatient, temperamental, frequently bored, enormously sexy son of a bitch who constantly hops back and forth between evil and not-so-evil. Furthermore, he can make said character really compelling. His hair is pretty close to being right, and also, did I mention that he is beautiful? Because he is beautiful. Also, he’s European! He’s, ya know, Northern European, but Transia doesn’t exist, I can’t think of any Eastern European actors who are bankable in the US, and anyway, there are Romani people living in Sweden, so I’m going with it.

Honorable Mentions: Ben Foster (he could do amazing things with this character), Jamie Bamber


I hope he texts me.

Scarlet Witch


Phenomenal cosmic powers…itty bitty living space.

Since Vivien Leigh is tragically no longer with us, I admit to initially being at a bit of a loss. Michelle Pfeiffer, though a glorious woman of ageless beauty, has probably aged out of the role. People keep suggesting Zooey Deschanel, and I am like:


I thought about Emily Blunt, and I do love her, but it just didn’t sit right. Then I was like “WAIT A MINUTE”:

Marion Cotillard

marion cotillard

She’s an amazing actor, fully capable of portraying enormous strength and vulnerability side by side . Unhinged/barely hinged characters are, if not her specialty, certainly a staple of her filmography (if you haven’t seen Love Me If You Dare or La Vie en Rose go out and do it what are you waiting for OMG), and she plays them with a certain measure of grace that keeps even a caricature from being a caricature. When she’s onscreen, I can’t take my eyes off of her. Plus, European again! Everybody wins!

Honorable Mentions: Emily Blunt, anybody but Zooey Deschanel, seriously anybody as long as it’s not Eliza Dushku, who I also saw suggested and I just don’t understand people.

BONUS: Ms. Marvel

ms marvel

Disney/Marvel apparently has a script about Ms. Marvel in development, so while we’re here, let’s just go ahead and say what we all know in our hearts to be true:

Katee Sackhoff

katee sackhoff


Honorable Mention: nobody. Fuck all y’all; Katee is the only choice.

I’d love to hear your own dream cast for these characters. Or hell, any characters! Let’s not limit ourselves. For example, I believe Ant Man should be played by Russel Crowe, because my only exposure to Ant Man is in Ultimates, and in Ultimates, he’s, well, an awful person. FITTING, RIGHT? Right.

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