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Support an independent artisan

14 Jun

Dream Hats is run by a tremendously talented milliner who also happens to be a friend of mine, and they just purchased a brand new-to-them booth at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival!

The booth is beautiful, but in need of some renovation–and there’s also stock to make, and payments to pay. Her work speaks for itself, but trust me when I say she’s also a hilarious, thoughtful, generous (check out Kari’s Hope), and generally awesome person.  I’ve donated to the IndieGoGo campaign already, and I encourage you all to check out her work and donate as well.


Fairies: finished!

4 Jun

As of about 2:30 in the morning on Saturday, the grape fairies are done.


TruthL had another person not been involved, I would have given up on this shit a long time ago. I was so exhausted and stressed from the final weekend of Scarborough and the trip home (during which I awesomely lost my wallet in Mississippi) that I seriously only wanted to sleep next to mr. biscuit and maybe play some video games, BUT. a friend of mine was counting on me, so I whined quite a lot, but I persevered.

 Finished product:


Dani as the white grape fairy!

Things I don’t have include a full-body picture of me as the red grape fairy, any good closeups of our makeup, and another petit four (unrelated to this post). 

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