DragonCon wrap up. FINALLY.

10 Oct

DragonCon is over.

DragonCon was over like a month+ ago? I KNOW THAT. I was busy…I don’t know, doing something, probably. Working. Watching the BBC on DVD. Getting ready for the opening of the Carolina Renaissance Festival. I AM A BUSY PERSON, DON’T JUDGE ME.

Where do I even start with this wrap up? I guess with a quick review: our costumes went SUPER well.


Glad you dig it, Mr. Seal

We did almost all of our costuming on Sunday, which made for an exhausting but exhilarating day, and also meant I had an excuse to shower twice.

It was AMAZEBALLS. Allow me to show you more…

The Post-Apocalyptic Avengers

It’s Year Two of this project, and if I do say so myself, things are going super awesome. This year we added a Hulk!

Credit - Tested (click for source)

Credit – Tested (click for source)

And a Sif!

Credit - Flickr user cloudlesslens (click for source)

Credit – Flickr user cloudlesslens (click for source)

And a Wiccan!

Family portrait, House of M style. This Magneto was a great sport.

We did not successfully add a Wasp and a Quicksilver, as previously hoped, because the denizens of the Biscasa seriously over-committed ourselves, and we were short Cpt. Marvel and Hawkeye due to unspecified emergencies.

On the other hand, we met an awesome Hulk from the Chicago area who should be joining us next year. Most exciting from where I’m sitting, a good friend of mine from Dallas happened to be attending DragonCon this year, so he did all our FX makeup and even carried some of our shit around in exchange for a giant bottle of cheap whiskey. So overall, I call it a win!

The experience was pretty spectacular. We got a great reaction (my personal favorite: “Is Scarlet Witch missing some fingers? Brutal!”) and had a hell of a good time. I’m really enjoying this costume. It even got me into reading superhero comics, which nobody ever thought would happen.

Next year:

We are definitely going to add Wasp, almost certainly Ant-Man and Daredevil, and maybe Quicksilver. We will have Captain Marvel and Hawkeye back, and our new Hulk. I’m hoping to eventually convince someone to be Vision, and I’m going to either find Hulkling or a plush Hulkling for Wiccan. We’re also thinking of entering a contest! We have no idea which, though I am still trying to convince Iron Man to enter the Friday Night Costume Contest, which has a “Found Objects” section.


PAA Last Luncheon

I interrupted everyone’s lunch for this. Because I love Last Supper pictures. I really, really do.

Birds of a post-apocalyptic feather... Credit - flickr user duckpuppy (click for source)

Birds of a post-apocalyptic feather… Credit – flickr user duckpuppy (click for source)

Credit - Superhero Hype (click for source)

Credit – Superhero Hype (click for source)

When I saw that we'd made it onto Girls Gone Geek, I squeed so loud my neighbors heard it. Credit - Girls Gone Geek (click for source)

When I saw that we’d made it onto Girls Gone Geek, I squeed so loud my neighbors heard it. Credit – Girls Gone Geek (click for source)


This was a first time project for us, so while we had some challenges and hiccups, ultimately we were very proud of the results. The reaction to this group was great! The only major downside was that my shoes were a full size too big, forcing me to adopt a stupid mincing high-step to keep them on.


(I have no credits for most of these because I didn’t keep track of them when I put them on Facebook. If you happen to recognize your image, please let me know!)

RP dark

Credit – James Curtis Barger

rp street

This is my all-time favorite

rp front

With some of the other Rococopunks at the Mechanical Masquerade

RP back

Rehearsing the pas de deux of our deconstructed neoclassical streetpunk ballet

rp hall

From l – r: Adam, Cat, Jen, Ellaree, me!

We’re also, briefly, in this video! Adam swans by with his fabulous parasol (of which I am particularly proud) at about 4:15, and you can see part of my wig (which did not work out like I had hoped).


I’m really proud of what we accomplished. Ellaree (in the white wig) had never sewed a thing before we started this, and look what she made! Look how much we improved the Avengers! We had a great time, and I can’t wait* to start working on next year.

Damn right

Damn right

*slight exaggeration. I am actually sick to death of sewing, and after I finish these two replacement faire shirts, replacement pants, and a new pair of sleeves, I shan’t be doing it for quite some time. Like, middle of February, earliest. 

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