Tags I Used On My Livejournal…

15 Dec

…which I wrote in regularly from late 2003 to 2011, and periodically from 2012-2014:

b/c i’m a drama queen
a joke without a punchline
a lament for gandalf
actory things
actually important
and another thing
and now you’re even older
assuage my vanity
blog like it’s the end of the world
broken link is broken
bullshit in the comments
buy my love
calvin rejects your reality
clean all the things!
congratulations on embarrassing yourself
costume the world
cystgate 2010
delusions of grandeur
drunk post should not drive
existential crises
familial things
footnotes have vitamin b
funnier in hindsight
get to the fucking monkey
god gold and/or glory
home invasion for fun and profit
home is there the cats fart
i already have a penguin
i can has cheezburger?
i don’t know you
i dreamed a dream
i fucking love books
i used to do technical shit
i wish i was a bear
ice cream with your woe cake?
inappripriate fannish behavior
injokes i no longer understand
ironic use of valley girl speech
it’s all about me
it’s alright
judging your grammar
just a pinch
living in a cellular phone world
luigi my dear friend
marching band
miss scarlett has returned to tara
money money money
mostly in the comments
my allergies let me show you them
my friends are better than your friends
my latest reason for outrage
mysteriously blank post is mysterious
obligatory holiday postings
one does not simply walk into macon
people dying everywhere
planes trains and automobiles
posts of a scholarly nature
ren fest
roflcopter fuel
samwise leaves for valinor
scarily accurate quizzes
sick yea unto death
snowpocalypse 2011
sometimes i injure myself
song lyric posts are for losers
stop whinging!
taking fiction too seriously
the day i got legolas
the way a sunburn should be
this is for science
to-do lists i might have finished
turn of the year
we no longer date for a reason
what has 2 thumbs & doesn’t give a crap?
working hard for the money
writer’s block
wtf was i babbling about?
yay i’m a llama again!
you stopped talking to me
young lust

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