Back to School Lessons When You’re Never Going To School Again

20 Aug

Here are some things I have learned about ADHD medication:

  • Generic Ritalin (the first medication we tried) exacerbates my anxiety
  • Generic Concerta (the second medication we tried) makes me want to peel my skin off, and also cost almost $200 with insurance
  • Generic Adderall (the current medication) is treating me pretty well and costs about $3
  • “Appetite suppression” doesn’t mean that I don’t suffer the physical and emotional effects of not eating enough
  • “Appetite suppression” means that nothing sounds good, I have to yell at myself to eat, and I wind up super hungry right around bedtime
  • Clearing up the white noise in my head makes it easier to sort big things out
  • It works
  • Except during my period, when nothing works

Here are some things I have learned about starting a new Facebook profile after 15 years because your old one was mysteriously deleted and purged by the Facebook powers that be:

  • A lot of people have it set that you can’t send them a friends request without having mutual friends
  • You have to say “I swear I am not a hacker bot” over and over again, which is a problem because the hacker bots are getting smarter every day
  • It is hard to find people you’ve been friends with for decades if you can’t remember their real name because every time you see their name you think “Oh, that’s my dear friend [insert old-school internet nickname/handle]”
  • All your upcoming events go away, even if someone else was a co-host
  • There is no way to talk to a person about what happened to your account
  • There appears to be no way to retrieve access to the band page of which you were the sole admin
  • You spend less time on it
  • Even after growing up online, it feels very silly to grieve an electronic profile

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