How Much ADHD Cost Me

18 Sep

I can’t stop thinking about how much this condition has cost me, so I thought I’d sit down and make a list.

Just the things that cost actual money, I mean.

Not just (just) shame or anxiety or frustration (or or or)

  • That fifth year of college, after my scholarships had run out and it was just student loans
  • At least twenty locksmith visits to retrieve my car keys, and one time a new battery because I locked my keys in the car while the keys were in the ignition
  • Tens of thousands (?) of dollars in impulse purchases (mostly but not entirely food)
  • A zillion dollars in caffeinated beverages as I tried to self-medicate a condition I didn’t know I had
  • Testing and diagnosis was about $200 with insurance
  • That medication that cost $180 and didn’t work, plus the medication visits were around $400 total (all of this with insurance)
  • So many late fees: the library, Blockbuster, bills, rent, dozens of parking tickets, three years my car registration, one year my taxes, and don’t get me started on the bounced checks and ISF fees
  • Two tires on my mom’s car (she did not make me pay for it) (I was 16)
  • Five or six cell phones (mostly lost or broken, but also through the wash)
  • Two digital cameras (broken) (neither of them were mine)
  • Probably a hundred pairs of purple sunglasses
  • That time I got a $280 speeding ticket in Bumblefuck, West Texas
  • All those scholarships and better jobs and awards I didn’t apply for in time
  • Interest on that fifth year of student loans

I don’t know if getting diagnosed earlier would have prevented any of this, or how I would be different if I didn’t have it, or what I would miss out on if my brain was wired differently, but if I get a next life, I might like to try being neurotypical. Just to see.



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One Response to “How Much ADHD Cost Me”

  1. Catherine Belles September 18, 2019 at 10:00 pm #

    You are only 35. Plenty of time left for a less clusterfucked up life. Maybe finish all your education before turning 60

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