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Droolworthy Costuming: Melisandre of Asshai

12 Nov

I’ve seen a lot of Melisandre of Asshai cosplay. Before the show came out, I was toying with a design for my own costume (heavily inspired by Elizabethan styles, because when I read the word “gown,” that’s just what I think of), so I spent a lot of time looking.

For a character with such a fascinating description (she dresses all in red! her hair is red! her eyes are red! Jon Snow describes her as “made of fire”! HER EYES ARE RED), most of the Melisandre cosplay that exists on the interwebs is uninspired, boring crap, shot and posed like the photobooth at the King’s Landing junior prom. I hate being bored almost as much as I hate spiders, so I was so, so glad to find this amazing series of images of my favorite Red Priest.

The night is dark and full of awesome

Dynamically posed, well designed–just gorgeous. She looks like she’s on fire. And I love love love all the fabric! Excessive use of fabric is a bit of a sticking point with me–in a society with no designer labels to denote status and wealth, you’re going to use as much fabric, trim, and jewels as you can afford just so there is no doubt about how Very Important you are. The mystery, ferocity, and intensity of the image Melisandre works so very hard to project are all here in force. I don’t even hate the wig!


Droolworthy Costuming: A Motherfucking Dinosaur

15 Sep

You guys, I am freaking out. 

The handlers are pretty at what they’re doing, and I hate to ignore them, but seriously, you guys. It’s a dinosaur.

Droolworthy Costuming: A corset. With a motherfucking pocketwatch

24 Feb

For many reasons, I don’t usually go in for a Steampunk aesthetic. But I cannot get over how adorable this is:

It’s all poly, which, yuck, but. It’s just so cute. SO FUCKING CUTE. So if you don’t mind polyester hugged against your body, check it out here, at Corset-Story.

Droolworthy Costuming: The Towel of Apollo

13 Jan

For Christmas, my awesome and sexy husband bought me Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.0. Since this completed our set of the series (which was put together somewhat haphazardly over the course of the last five or six years), and since said awesome and sexy husband had never seen all of it, we decided to embark on an epic re-watch.

Ye Greate Battlestar Galactica Rewatche of 2012e been great fun! I already loved this show, but mr. biscuit is loving it too. I’ve been Tweeting haiku about how much I hate Cally, and! I became reacquainted with my favorite costume in the history of moving pictures: The Towel of Apollo.

In light of this, I’ve decided to take “droolworthy” a little more literally. I present The Towel, in all its glory. You’re welcome.

THANK YOU whoever set up this promo shot. Or is it a painting? Wait, I don't care. Abs.

Droolworthy Costuming – 100 Years of East London Style in 100 Seconds

16 Nov

I just stumbled on this video, and I’m Absolutely In Love with it. I love it like I love tea. It’s got everything! Dancing! Cute people! A fascinating look at the progression of clothing over the last 100 years! I’m sold.

I love this sort of fashion retrospective. It’s so interesting to see the small, gradual changes that make up the big changes from the early 1900s to now.

Droolworthy Costuming: The Bristol Fantastikals!

30 Oct

So that was depressing. Let’s look at something beautiful; to wit, the Fantastikals of the Bristol Renaissance Faire!

I’ve never been to Bristol, but I hear the most wonderful things about it. I was hoping to visit this year, but life got in the way, as it often does. The pictures coming out of that faire show a cast of spectacularly dressed actors and participants, but right now I want to draw attention to the Fantastikals.

Photo courtesy of

This troupe portrays fairies and various other fae creatures (I think there’s a faun, as well). I love the heavy use of makeup (apparently it’s airbrush) to create these fabulous otherworldly creatures. I’ve been told the actors are awesome, and I would love to see them some day. For now, I’ll content myself with Google Image Searching them. I suggest you do too!

Photo courtesy of

Droolworthy Costuming – The Chemise of 13,000 Pearls

20 Sep

Let’s talk about the Chemise of 13,000 Pearls.

Lynn McMasters makes pretty costumes, and I like to look at pretty costumes. I found her website while browsing the interhighway looking for just such things, and if I may continue in the theme of understatement, I was super happy. I’ve never used any of her patterns (although after the Great Margo Slops Fiasco of 2010 and 2011, which I may post about if I can ever stop crying about it, I’m in the market), but her gallery of finished costumes is just stunning. Let’s take a look…

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