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Support an independent artisan

14 Jun

Dream Hats is run by a tremendously talented milliner who also happens to be a friend of mine, and they just purchased a brand new-to-them booth at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival!

The booth is beautiful, but in need of some renovation–and there’s also stock to make, and payments to pay. Her work speaks for itself, but trust me when I say she’s also a hilarious, thoughtful, generous (check out Kari’s Hope), and generally awesome person.  I’ve donated to the IndieGoGo campaign already, and I encourage you all to check out her work and donate as well.


Recreating the hairstyle of a Vestal Virgin

9 Jan

I love fancy hairstyles. I can’t do them, but I love them. I also love Rome, a cancelled-too-early HBO/BBC show set in, you guessed it, ancient Rome. It featured some pretty fabulous hairstyles, notably those of HBIC Atia of the Julii. So I was intrigued by this really neat breakdown of the hairstyle of Vestal Virgins (which isn’t at all related to Atia, who was neither vestal nor virgin, but go with me on this):

I can’t speak to the scholarship, as I know next to nothing about the period, but it’s easy to follow (even for the hair-stupid like me) and leaves lots of room to either adapt the style or follow it to the letter. For such a complex-looking style, it seems fairly simple, if time-consuming.

Also, “suffibulum” is an amazing word and I think we should use it more often.

The Renaissance Festival Sewing Project from Hell: 2012 Edition

9 Apr

After several months of sewing, I finished most of Esperanza’s garb on Friday.

All those people have been rendered unconscious by the amazing persistence I have displayed throughout this project. Or perhaps the sight of JGL in a suit and tie. But I prefer to think it's the former.

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My birthday hat

29 Mar

Today is my birthday!

I am wearing a fancy hat!

Happy birthday to me!


As soon as I get finished working/dicking around on the interwebs, I am going to put on some sparkly makeup and some glitter and a purple dress!

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