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What I’m Reading: “…And Sewing is Half the Battle!”

16 Apr

While I was googling for God knows what last night, I stumbled on …And Sewing is Half the Battle! The name itself made me a fan; the content made me a believer.

In addition to the usual “look what we made!” they have dozens of tutorials on all manner of costuming/cosplay issues. Of particular interest to me at this particular moment:

How to Enter (and Survive!) A Costume Masquerade

Invisible Shoes

Long Hair and Short Wigs

All well-written, intelligently presented, and reasonably understandable from where I’m sitting. Check it out!


The Liebster Awards! Like a chain letter, but better for my ego

5 Mar

Oh my goodness. I was nominated for the Liebester Award twice in two days. What an awesome thing to wake up to*!


Many humble thanks to tiaras and trianon and Tailorfairy for thinking of me!

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BREAKING: Dork Tower weighs in on cosplay debate…

5 Dec

says basically what I said, but says is with pictures.

Not breaking, but worth repeating: Dork Tower is awesome.

Gifts for the Ren Faire Participant In Your Life

4 Dec

It’s almost Christmas! You’d never know from the weather ’round here, since it’s like 75 outside, but I just looked at the calendar and it! is! almost! CHRISTMAS!


Christmas is my favorite holiday. This is true for many reasons, among them Jesus, carols, wassail, Spree-flavored candy canes, and cheap-ass holiday cookies. But food isn’t the only thing I love about Christmas! I also like gifts!

Gifts are awesome. I know that; you know that. So let’s talk about gifts for the ren faire participant in your life, since I know all of you have at least one faire performer in your life.

Which is to say, me.


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Fake blood testing with Barbarian Labs!

30 Nov

In other news, let’s talk about fake blood.

Hey Jay the Barbarian of Barbarian Labs! Since you just finished testing 14 different kinds of commercially available stage blood, why don’t you start the conversation off?

Thanks, Jay! I think that about covers it. ‘Till next time, everybody!

All those people have been rendered unconscious by amazing persistence

The Hunger Games – mah Capitol Citizen costume!

25 Mar

So, as you may recall, I did a costume for the Hunger Games premiere. Given that I’m elbows deep in the Renaissance Festival Sewing Project From Hell (not to be confused with any previous Renaissance Festival Sewing Projects From Hell), the short break from somewhere in the 1500s was delightful. Oh, and I only sewed one thing (the hat, of which I am so proud. I’ve been carrying it around in my purse and showing it to people. Just off-the-cuff. “I’ll have a large sweet tea. Here, let me show you the hat I made and tell you all about its construction.”)



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What I’m Reading

16 Mar

First: I know I haven’t posted in 14 days. In that time I constructed and reconstructed my bodice something like three times, finally gave up, and started working on my pants, but I still can’t bring myself to talk about it in detail without getting a little shaky, so! instead of forcing myself to do things I dislike*, I’m going to post a link to a costuming blog I’ve been enjoying: The Radclyffe.

The Radclyffe is a blog of Costuming Projects by Kat Brown, who performs with the Guild of St. George at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I’ve never met the author–I came upon her blog through another blog that I think I stumbled on via the forums, but I can’t be entirely sure about that because my memory, she is like unto a leaky faucet. By which I mean I forget to do things. Anyway, I’ve really been enjoying it. Her blog, not my leaky faucet of a short-term memory. The blog is fairly new, like mine, but unlike mine, she’s got some really great pictures of some really well-made costumes, including some of a gorgeous Earl of Oxford costume she’s been working on for herself (!!!). I am chockablock full of envy and awe, and am fully digging it. So while you’re waiting for me to get back here and bitch about how bad I am at sewing, check out what an actual seamstress can create!

*which I do plenty, given that I go to the gym two or three times a week, drink half-cut tea, and also sew all the damn time
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