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Hogwarts Beauty School

29 Jun

Useful spells someone at Hogwarts probably knew but Harry Potter was too busy playing Quidditch/snogging Ginny/staying alive to learn:

  • Avada This Ingrown Hair
  • Wingardium Put Your Contacts In Correctly The First Timeiosa
  • some kind of spell to clean bras, match socks, and prevent expensive tights from ripping, and it would be great if these were all the same because I cannot remember all this shit
  • Accio Falsies (puts fake eyelashes on for you)
  • Fix My Motherfucking Lip Liner, I Look Like A Prostitute Who Caters Exclusively To Clowns (you just say this while waving your wand angrily at the mirror in the car)

Tilting at Windmills: Dragon*Con 2012

4 May

Now that I’m over the hump of hellish quasiTudor projects, my mind turns to this year’s Dragon*Con. This is definitely the most ambitious costume plan I’ve ever had. I’m nervous, and super stoked, and also loopy from not sleeping a wink last night, so rather than try to think of further introduction, let’s just look at the list.

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