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More Esperanza pictures

25 Jun

Since I’m an actor as well as a maker-of-costumes, I constantly troll the interwebs looking for pictures of myself in action (ideally in which I look both hilarious and blindingly sexy, or at least not completely dreadful). What follows are some of my favorites from the 2012 season, mostly at Scarborough. Enjoy!

PS I saved most of these without bothering to note to whom they belong, so if you notice your picture here, feel free to let me know and I’ll fix it up with a link.


The Ren Fest Sewing Project from Hell, 2012: Pictures

3 May

Sorry for the radio silence. I wish I had a good excuse, like “I was building economically and environmentally sustainable houses for impoverished families,” but in truth, I’ve been spending most of my time scouring all of the TV channels for reruns of 30 Rock, which I recently discovered is pee-causingly hilarious.

Anyway, pictures are rolling in, among them a couple of good shots of the costume I worked on for a jillion years only to eventually tire of and give up on. Allow me to share with you both pictures and technical details!


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The Renaissance Festival Sewing Project from Hell: 2012 Edition

9 Apr

After several months of sewing, I finished most of Esperanza’s garb on Friday.

All those people have been rendered unconscious by the amazing persistence I have displayed throughout this project. Or perhaps the sight of JGL in a suit and tie. But I prefer to think it's the former.

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What I’m Reading

16 Mar

First: I know I haven’t posted in 14 days. In that time I constructed and reconstructed my bodice something like three times, finally gave up, and started working on my pants, but I still can’t bring myself to talk about it in detail without getting a little shaky, so! instead of forcing myself to do things I dislike*, I’m going to post a link to a costuming blog I’ve been enjoying: The Radclyffe.

The Radclyffe is a blog of Costuming Projects by Kat Brown, who performs with the Guild of St. George at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I’ve never met the author–I came upon her blog through another blog that I think I stumbled on via the Renaissancefestival.com forums, but I can’t be entirely sure about that because my memory, she is like unto a leaky faucet. By which I mean I forget to do things. Anyway, I’ve really been enjoying it. Her blog, not my leaky faucet of a short-term memory. The blog is fairly new, like mine, but unlike mine, she’s got some really great pictures of some really well-made costumes, including some of a gorgeous Earl of Oxford costume she’s been working on for herself (!!!). I am chockablock full of envy and awe, and am fully digging it. So while you’re waiting for me to get back here and bitch about how bad I am at sewing, check out what an actual seamstress can create!

*which I do plenty, given that I go to the gym two or three times a week, drink half-cut tea, and also sew all the damn time

Le Corset: Les Pictures

2 Mar

I was reminded that nothing is real on the internet unless there are pictures of it, so: corset pictures.
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28 Feb

I finished the corset last night!

I am super psyched at how it turned out. I mean, it’s not going to win any beauty contests, but it’s sturdy, it fits like a dream, and it’s not hideously ugly.


Below the fold, boring talk of construction and materials, with reviews/etc. This is not a particularly amusing post, but at the end I do brag a little about how my husband thinks I’m sexy. If that’s your thing.

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Writing poetry is more fun than making corsets

12 Feb

Staring at pattern/for STUPID  FUCKING corset/Shit guys, my head hurts.

Someone tell me, please/because I don’t fucking know/how do I do this?

Help me help me help/I am going to fuck this up/again. Like last time.

There once was a lady from Spain*
Who found corset-making a pain.
Of it she soon tired,
so she set it a-fire,
and never tried sewing again.

*I am not really from Spain, but it’s easier to rhyme than “Georgia”

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